January 8th, 2013

People need to get over themselves.


Okay, so I’m drawing away quite happily. La la la hunky dorey.

Then this happens:

"Oh. Em. Gee. Why is she naked?! What, are you a lesbian or something?!"

Cue automatic response.

"No, I just appreciate the female form. Look, there’s plenty of naked men in my sketchbook!"

Why should we, as artists, have to justify ourselves?
Females drawing the nude female form does not make us homosexual. Males drawing the nude male form does not make them homosexual.

So why do people automatically assume this?

We live in a world where homosexuality is (mostly) widely accepted; so what should it matter even if I was?

Would it make me a bad person?


If you are offended that I draw my own gender nude, I’m not going to apologise.
I appreciate you are interested enough to look at my work, but, if you are going to open your mouth and say something childish or hurtful, press the back button or walk away.

The human form is wonderful, and it should be appreciated. The gender of the drawing and the artist shouldn’t come in to it.

Appreciate the art, respect the artist.